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Edwina Mugunbey, our official blogger, is a long way from home.  She is a Pacific Islander from Saipan, Marianna Islands.  At the age of twelve, Ms. Mugunbey’s parents made the difficult decision of sending her to America for a better education.  Edwina Mugunbey, lived among other adolescents sponsored by the same man, Dr. Carleton D. Gajdusek.  During her stay with Dr. Gajdusek, Ms. Mugunbey discovered that she had a passion for writing. Furthermore, as an introvert she learned that she could express herself freely through pen and paper, what she could not express verbally. 

After graduating high school Edwina Mugunbey flew back home where she was reunited with her family.  There she came upon a job opening for a reporter through the Yap Networker News.  Ms. Mugunbey applied and due to her lack of having a degree in the field, the editor of Yap was very skeptical about hiring a high school graduate.  However, Edwina Mugunbey won the editor over, after writing an article on how alcohol has infiltrated their strong traditions and cultural way of life.  Ms. Mugunbey continued to report for the Yap Networker News until she joined the army in 2001.  She separated from the army in 2010 and through the grace of God was led to Wonderfully Made Foundation.

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