Friday, August 29, 2014

Unforgettable Firsts

There are first times for everything. As a female I have had my share of “firsts;” my first boyfriend, my first kiss, and my first heartbreak.   “Firsts” are all memorable parts of life and growing up, but my first time being homeless with my nine-year-old daughter is a memory filled of intense fear and uncertainty impossible to forget.  The disappointment is almost paralyzing.  You just go through the motions, but at the same time you are beating yourself up for being in this situation.

As a veteran I found I had many resources for homelessness available to me.  But like many places I called my name and information was taken down and put on a waiting list.  If anything it felt like a slap in the face having served this country nine years, been sent to war four times and the best the government can do for me and my child was to be put on a waiting list.  I came across the name Wonderfully Made Foundation through 2-1-1, called it and was in the home the very same day.

I have been here for a month now, living among other women and their children from different corners of the United States.  We all have our own individual stories, we all have our own demons we fight each day, but we have all been transformed by Wonderfully Made Foundation.  My story is Wonderfully Made has reminded me of the values that I work hard to instill in my daughter: humility, openness, the power of prayer, and gratitude.  I was so caught up in surviving from one situation to another that I lost sight of my principles and morals that was taught to me as a child.  I have constantly survived so that my daughter can live.  And although I am a strong and confident that I can survive any circumstance I no longer wish to survive another day.  I want to LIVE.


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